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About Us

2Seeds Network incubates community-based projects to turn income-generating activities into thriving businesses in Tanzania. We are building a network of independent yet interconnected projects built on deep partnerships within and across communities

The purpose of 2Seeds is to create opportunities for individuals and communities to achieve their full potential. We believe developing human capital is the key to catalyzing economic growth within extremely poor communities, and that every community has the capacity to be productive and healthy. For too many people in the world, this capacity is underdeveloped: more than 1 billion people live on less than $1.25 (PPP) per day. In Tanzania specifically, two-thirds of the population lives in extreme poverty.

Currently, 2Seeds has 16 year-long volunteers in eight Tanzanian communities. These volunteers (Project Coordinators) work alongside our Tanzanian Partners to build income-generating activities into self-sustaining businesses. Through this invaluable professional and personal experience, Project Coordinators are pushed to develop skills such as project and people management, effective communication and high-stakes decision-making, all while learning a new language.