International Network for Enabling Poverty Development



United Kingdom

About Us

Inepd International has been formed in the last 12 months through the amalgamation of 4 non governmental organisations that support developmental and humanitarian programs in 25 countries. By joining hands we are able to mobilise greater resources and speak with a stronger voice on development and humanitarian issues.

Inepd International is a rights based organisations that believes in both downward and upward accountability to the poor. We seek to bring poverty development and equity justice to those who can't help themselves.

Through our support we have been able to make a significant changes to the lives of tens of thousands of poor people and thousands of communities. Constantly we look for ways to improve our development and humanitarian programs through new and innovative concepts and terminology. Our partnerships with local and international organisations ensure that we can give to poor people who our supporters identify as the most needy through our multifaceted appeals framework. By supporting Inepd international you are standing side by side with the poor to seek a better world. Through your support Inepd International also grows stronger and in this way we can bring more poverty development to the poor.