Bundesverband Ethik (BVE) - German Federal Association of Ethics

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About Us

The German Federal Association of Ethics (BVE) is the first independent umbrella organization for the exchange of scientific and practical experiences in all fields of ethics in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The aim of the German Federal Association of Ethics is to cultivate and support socio-ethical values in Germany.

The initiatives and projects of the BVE are an appeal to the whole society to join the association in the search of possible answers to the key questions of society. The goal is to develop sustainable values for future generations.

The German Federal Association of Ethics (BVE) is a independent non-profit-organisation and neither linked to any political party nor to any confession.

As stipulated in the BVE’s statutes, partnership is confined to “ethical sector associations, institutions, universities and working groups acting as umbrella organizations to represent entire ethical interests within the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany and Europe”.

For further information consult our website www.bv-ethik.de