Kaana Foundation For Outreach Programs ( KAFOP)

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P.O.Box 818 Fort Portal
Fort Portal

About Us

Kaana Foundation for Outreach Programs is a Non Profit making and non Political Organization that promotes Rights, Health and Well - being of most vulnerable persons in rural areas.

We fight against child rights violation and create awareness on their rights and responsibility in the societies. We encourage children to actively take part in the decision-making processes that affect their lives.

We fight against Domestic violence in the families since such violence makes children insecure and grow up in an abusive household; children learn to solve their problems using violence, rather than through more peaceful means.

We give support and do counselling to families affected or infected by HIV/AIDS and promote Sexual and Reproductive rights;

Other programs for Kaana Foundation for Outreach Programs

1. Reach out community on issues of Governance and accountability

2. Create awareness on the proper management of Natural resource and protection of the environment