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About Us

PACCO-Kabataan is a youth committee dedicated to social activism and cultural education. We are organized as a subcommittee under the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Oregon, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We invite anyone who is interested to join.

PACCO-Kabataan’s mission is to promote awareness of Filipino heritage in the local youth community, thus fostering personal growth and self discovery through socialization and outreach.

Our organizational statement bears emphasis that first and foremost, we believe in fostering within the Portland youth community an awareness of Filipino heritage and a general appreciation of Filipino culture. As a corollary to this goal, a second organizational aim is to foster general personal growth and self discovery in the Filipino youth community.

We believe that personal growth and self discovery must be done within the context of one’s cultural self. This “cultural self” encompasses not only the current environment – i.e., area of residence-- in which the one resides, but also the cultural backdrop provided by one’s Filipino heritage. Fostering a healthy understanding of one environment necessarily requires fostering an awareness of the other, because growth occurs within the context of both cultures and thus, is not confined to a vacuum. To do otherwise – that is, to effectively encourage growth of one’s Filipino self, while ignoring the impact and opportunities found in one’s community – does little to advance the position and accountability of young Filipinos in their local communities.

PACCO-Kabataan looks to bridge the gap between high school and college students by means of mentoring, promoting higher education, raising environmental/political/cultural awareness, fostering heritage appreciation and encouraging social activism.

Growth and awareness of one’s cultural self is best fostered through the encouragement of several tenets that, in tandem, encourage Filipino growth and leadership in the local communities. The following objectives guide the structure of the organization’s activities, particularly in shaping the organizational goals.

1. Ate/Kuya Mentor Program: To partner college students or professionals with high school students to build awareness of the importance of a college education and to raise awareness of our adult responsibility to the youth in our communities. 2. Political: To create a greater awareness of politics, to provide a channel for political involvement, and to foster a discussion of the political effects in our communities (Philippines and the United States). 3. Environmental: To create a greater awareness of environmental issues impacting our community, to inspire members to get engaged with the solutions to the environmental crisis happening in the Philippines, United States and the world in general. 4. Social Activism: To create an awareness of social responsibility and to provide a channel, by which the Filipino youth community can exert leadership through involvement in civic activities.