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About Us

Thanks to significant public health and technological breakthroughs we now have the solutions to save and change the lives of millions of people living in poverty. Products like anti-malarial treatments, clean-burning cook stoves, fortified foods, bed nets, and solar lamps can dramatically improve the health and wealth of people who survive on just a few dollars a day. But these products do little good if they don’t reach the people who need them most. And as it stands today, hundreds of millions of people in Africa still lack access to life’s most essential products. Consequently, thousands of children die every day from easily preventable and treatable diseases. Now more than ever, we need an efficient, scalable, and sustainable system to deliver these life-saving and life-changing products to the world’s poor. This is the gap Living Goods aims to fill. Living Goods operates networks of independent women entrepreneurs in sub Saharan Africa who make a modest income going door-to-door selling these affordable and effective solutions. By combining the best practices from the worlds of micro-enterprise, franchising and public health, Living Goods is creating a fully sustainable system to improve the health, wealth, and productivity of the world’s poor.

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