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About Us

One Child, One Chance is a 501(c) 3 non- profit organization founded in 2012 in the United States.  Our mission is to end Extreme Poverty. The organization offers the opportunity to enhance the lives of young boys and girls through various projects. Our different projects place special emphasis on personal development through education.

We are committed to:

Ending Extreme Poverty by working directly with various orphanages in assisting them in various areas

Contributing to the development of existing orphanages and rebuilding them in order to offer a clean and safe environment to the orphans.

Reducing infant mortality, parent mortality at birth, and unplanned pregnancy by providing a series counseling in the health care fields in areas such as HIV/AIDS prevention, Birth Control, Child birth.

Increasing the overall in school enrollment by assisting students with school supplies and through a series of information campaign for the parents so that they can allow their kids to attend school.

Every child deserves a chance to a normal life. One Child, One Chance vision is to offer every child a chance to a bright future. Our different projects offer the survival opportunity to children in need.


One child One chance believes that:

Children are our future, We must empower our children through quality education

An educated population is required to any nation’s development.

Change must come from us

The time is now to work together


Honesty and Transparency: We stay transparent by working with total honesty and integrity when making financial decisions. We will remain loyal to our principles and mission.

Team Work and Leadership: We promote team work and diversity in order to have many ideas geared towards our mission. Everyone has a voice and can be a leader of his community.

Respect and Dependability: We offer a friendly but yet professional work environment. Everyone is held accountable for their actions and must be dependable and reliable.

Commitment and Valuing our Sponsors: By valuing our Sponsors we demonstrate our commitment to our principles and our mission.