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About Us

I am an independent filmmaker seeking a working partner to help me in the distribution of a 47 minute documentary shot in Italy tilted, The Peasant and the Priest ( the site is being revised).

Short Film Synopsis: The Peasant and the Priest tells the story of two Italian men in their eighties whose ways of life have survived from medieval Italy to the present. Sergio, a sharecropper, uses ancient farming methods that have become overshadowed by corporate agriculture. Father Oreste fights the tide of sexual slavery, which grows each day as more and more women from Africa and Europe are forced into prostitution in Italy. Each man tries to make his contribution into a world that moves relentlessly and carelessly forward. Both represent ways of life that are rapidly fading as the modern world closes in.

Short Bio:

Esther Podemski directed House of the World, a documentary about the Holocaust’s aftermath in Poland. House of the World premiered at Lincoln Center, traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe with Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, and was purchased by Discovery Communications. She co-directed 5 Days in July, which is a dual screen projection about the 1967 Newark riots. The installation has been exhibited widely and has won numerous awards. She has received painting fellowships and is represented in public and private collections.