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About Us

Founded in 2010, DETOUR Uplifts, Motivates, and Inspires Women & Girls Through Education, Empowerment, and Entertainment. 

DETOUR is a nonprofit organization focused on empowering teen girls to become personally, academically, and professionally successful through education, empowerment, and the arts. Our purpose is to provide a positive forum for girls to become actively engaged in working towards acquiring the skills necessary to become what they aspire to be and to achieve their dreams. Our goal is to encourage living a fulfilled positive lifestyle, while promoting the revitalization of self-esteem and self-perception. Our message is it is never too late to reposition yourself to passionately seek and fulfill your purpose! 

Our programs, the “Focused And Naturally Confident Youth (F.A.N.C.Y) Teen Girls Expo & Academy” empower over 200 teen girls annually through teaching life development skills, while visible and available positive role-models also provide an overall support system and encouragement. Participants engage in educational workshops, panel sessions, and networking activities while local community artist provide performances at no cost. The outcomes include increased self-esteem, self-efficacy, knowledge, awareness, and guidance towards life purpose and direction. 

The F.A.N.C.Y Teen Girls Leadership Academy is a DETOUR youth development mentorship program that places an emphasis on improving the self-esteem and self-awareness of teen girls ages 11-19. We support these young women by enabling them to continuously work towards growth and development through conversation, activities, and seminars. In addition, we promote sports and activity involvement that embraces health and wellness. We also encourage them to give back by becoming actively involved in their communities, which will help them gain the tools and experience needed to enrich their personal and professional lives while working towards their futures.