Stop Condom Defamation!

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With the June 1st 2005 television debut of Trojan’s® fact-based commercial featuring clear language about sexual health concerns, a positive step was taken toward relevant, medically-accurate, and responsible advertising. I applaud Trojan’s® 2005 efforts and hope to see more advertisements like this.

Recently, Trojan® has released other less serious and more controversial commercials that have received mixed reception by the media and general public. These reactions have only highlighted how dire the need is for access to accurate information about condoms.

Unfortunately, there are many groups who defame condoms and spread harmful anti-condom propaganda. Last year, Christina Page published a comprehensive and sobering book, How the Pro-choice Movement Saved America, and the May 7th 2006 edition of The New York Times Magazine published as a cover story, “The War on Contraception.” Both expose the irresponsible messages and outrageous claims of anti-condom proponents as well as the numerous organizations responsible for giving them voice.

I would like to start a write-in campaign to condom manufacturers commending and encouraging responsible advertising and urging more proactive defense of their life-saving product.