A Hand In Health



About Us

Mission Statement: Our mission is to promote quality healthcare and education in The Gambia through monetary support, project development, and sustainable solutions. We wholeheartedly believe in the notion of the Jolla phrase, “Battiyab” which, when translated, simply means fellowship.

The Sulayman Junkung General Hospital is one of 4 hospitals that serve the 1.3 million people of The Gambia, West Africa. The hospital was built in 2003 with funding from the government and international organizations and served 16,388 patients in 2005. The hospital struggles to meet the growing needs of its patients; unreliable electricity, scant resources, and minimal funds make providing adequate patient care a daily struggle. The hospital was created, continues to rely on, and hopes to grow with the help of the international community, volunteers, and donors.

Our Current Goals:

1. Solar Panel installation for sustainable electricity 2. Development of Dental and Eye unit for better patient care 3. Provide resources to help healthcare professionals deliver adequate patient care and foster growth of underdeveloped hospital units 4. Help to realize the vision of local counterparts by engaging in an empowering partnership 5. Help develop a medical education program

A Hand In Health hopes to assist the goals of SJGH that are already in place, assisting them through project development and expansion, resources, and financial support.