PAK Educational Society (PES)/Pakistan Development Network (PDN)

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F-148, Qasba Colony Karachi

About Us

PES/PDN is a nonprofit , non-governmental Organisation that aims to eradicate poverty and promote justice / Equality. It strives for strengthen democratic values, advance Human Development and enhancing relation and cooperation b/w North & South. PES/PDN has been promoting community oriented development initiatives within the perspective of participatory research. An under lying premise in the PES/PDN’s work is the belief that sustainable development can only occur when communities are engaged in building their own capacity and being responsible for implementing and managing development initiatives.PES/PDN is fully committed to bring social changes through creative and effective solutions to generic problems. It fascilitates learning through sharing of its’ research findings and capacity building , by promoting a condusive environment and supportive public policies towards these end.

PES/PDN also work as catalyst to bring North & South more closure for their mutual interest and benefits . It strengthen the ties b/w Northern and Southern NGOs eventually the communities for initiating joint efforts to reduce poverty and unequality and ensuring more peacefull and democratic society.