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About Us

2008 August 8th

Teams of the project “Peace United” in association with all good people and as well in cooperation with Non-profits all around the world will make an unprecedented effort to revive an ancient Olympic tradition and stop all wars all around the world (arrangement of global truce) in the opening day of next summer Olympic Games, which take place in Beijing (China).

For this reason:

2006 August 8th, leading team of project – Team (Messenger) Lithuania, first time in history, attempts to make its way all around the world through all continents- Europe, Asia, Australia, South & North Americas, Africa and Antarctica. The Team is going to hitchhike about 100000 km (70000 miles) and visit more than 70 countries.

Goals of the Mission:

1. Promote new global movement for peace, reconciliation, education and culture worldwide for all people of good will regardless of citizenship, origins, race, beliefs or financial status.

2. Attract attention of world’s community to this project through mass media and Guinness world’s record book. All of which will watch closely this unique effort.

3. To leave no one behind. Meet every organization: non-profit, international, as well campus or school – to promote ideas of doing peace together. To find all people of good will wherever they are. Pass the story of peace fighters to the whole world. To be friends. To be united.

And if our great efforts wouldn’t fade away, our words will be heard and the people unite, then, on the day 8.8.8 (2008.08.08) ,together, we will do what no one and never yet has done. Together we will make the biggest dream of all people come true – Global Truce.

The 5 essential components for Global Truce:

1. Stop all active combat action for one day (for countries which are in state of war).

2. Do not conduct any war drills. Stay in barracks (for countries which are not in the state of war and which are not having any terrorist or militant groups on their territory).

3. Do not carry out any terror action (for terrorist organization).

4. Do not carry out any militant action (for all kind of liberation armies, fronts, rebels, guerillas etc.).

5. Release, as sight of good will, POW’s, hostages, politically imprisoned, at least some who are not accused in murder of civil ( for all these who have these listed above).