Donna Sternberg & Dancers

  • CA


911 9th St. #206
Santa Monica
United States

About Us

Donna Sternberg & Dancers mission is to build bridges and make connections between dance, science, philosophy and other art forms so that people and ideas come together in ways that expand human awareness leading to that “aha” moment where people begin to envision the world as theirs to create in a unique way. Our goals to introduce fresh ways of creating and presenting dance by facilitating maverick dialogue and collaborations between artists and people from all different paths of life. By making connections between how movement is a medium for communication, how science shapes the nature of our society and how the arts give us the ability to envision and dream we encourage people to explore the idea that the world is theirs to make up, in a better way. We seek to build a community of curious people whose goals are to achieve their full human potential through the interconnections and integration of mind, body and spirit.