Community Solutions Foundation

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About Us

Founded in 2010 by a group of volunteers interested in local community development, Community Solutions Foundation (CSF) is registered not-for-profit organization in Uganda. The organization was established to tackle the plight of rural communities in Uganda and enabling people centred development. We envision an informed, empowered and peaceful society that recognizes and respects human dignity for better livelihoods and is responsible for its own development.

Over the years our programming focused on the promotion of three core thematic areas, namely: human rights, healthcare and livelihood for especially vulnerable population groups including children, women, and youth. This has resulted in high impact and cost-effective program delivery experience.

The development of our 2012-2016 strategic plan helped to provide increased precision on the achievement of our program goals. The organization has thus continued to improve the quality and impact through introducing new approaches thereby ensuring that program and advocacy work addresses concerns of marginalized groups, including minority populations, women, youth, people living with disabilities and those living with HIV and many more.

Our mission is to empower communities in the Rwenzori region to be able to attain better livelihoods through promotion of human rights, democracy and good governance, quality healthcare and better use of natural resources. Grounded in a rights-based approach, CSF mobilizes requisite resources in collaboration with communities, to promote equity and social justice for all, with a particular focus on marginalized and vulnerable populations. The organization is guided by values of honesty, team work, equality, voluntarism, confidentiality and service above self.