Americans for Informed Democracy--University of Wisconsin, Madison

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About Us

Americans for Informed Democracy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison aims to provide individuals and groups with the opportunity to learn about and discuss contemporary political issues, with a particular emphasis on engaging the students of the University of Wisconsin–Madison in global issues and concerns.

We value forward-looking individuals with hope for the future who focus on solving problems rather than arguing about them. We are non-partisan, encourage open-mindedness, and value all opinions on all issues, international, national, and local. Our goal is to get people to start thinking about and taking action on matters that concern them. A progressive organization, AID-Madison believes that students have the potential to effect great change, generating fresh ideas and working to implement them.

To accomplish these aims, we serve the national AID organization by presenting global and domestic concerns and encouraging people to further investigate and respond to them. AID-Madison is creating a network with like-minded organizations on its campus in Madison, Wisconsin, as well as branching out on a national level to help generate fresh ideas and new programs in order to "Bring the world home."