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This proposed is submitted in response to the dire need from the concern to conserve

and harness the environmental biodiversity in Western Uganda and the whole of East

Africa in a bid to prevent degradation of natures bio diversity.

The nature conservation and education centre has the following background.

2. Background

The mind set of the innovators of this program have:

• An innovative and system charging projection for conserving and harnessing the

natural bio-diversity for the better future.

• A proven history of creating sustainable solutions that are in balance with nature.

• The vision and skills that can affect entire communities.

• A high level of passion, commitment and follow through to realize their ideas, and

• The skills and organizational capacity to be successful in both business and life.

The proposed is drawn in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in the

mission and vision of the organization.


To ensure non-depletion of the natural resources in the local environment and

harnessing the environment for better living.


To establish a global network for nature conservation and sustainable use of the

available Natural resources.


The organization’s goals are to educate and improve the environmental behaviors

of the many publics at serves by helping educators, resource managers and other

professionals as well as stakeholders concerned about environmental quality create

more positive environmental attitudes and behaviors.

The Nature Conservation and Environmental Science Education Centre was created to:

1. Promote education as a total that can help conserve and enhance, the earth’s

biological diversity. The organization employs a unique combination of education

social marketing and communication strategies to achieve its goals.

2. RCEESC believers that behavior change is essential to the conservation of

biological diversity and that this behavior change must be viewed as a positive

alternative by the people involved.

3. RCEESC also believes that to be effective conservation efforts must enhance the

quality of life for those directly dependent on the planets biological bounty and must

promote the equitable sharing of benefits derived from the world’s natural resources.


1. To promote the protection of biological diversity in western Uganda, targeting

priority areas of significant diversity.

2.To promote the involvement of various stake-holder in environmental


3. To promote the collection and dissemination of information and advice concerning

conservation and sustainable use of the various bio-diverse resources in western

region and east Africa for the global conservation value.

4. To provide long term reliable support for projects and research which promote the

conservation of biological diversity and sustainable use of natural resources in

western Uganda and east African as whole.

5. To ensure benefits whether financial, technical or material arising from the

organization activities, pass to the local communities in our area of operation.

6. To promote the involvement of the local as well as student communities in

the conservation and sustainable management of the natural resources and



The conservation and education center comprises of the following projects, all geared

to the conservation and sustainable use of the biodiversity resources for ecological


1. Water conservation

2. Soil conservation

3. Vegetation (including) forest conservation

4. Harnessing solar energy

5. Aquatic resources sustainable use

6. Physical features utilization

7. Community education on productive usage of nature to maintain ecological balance

8. Information discrimination via various media

9. Prevention of air pollution (environmental pollution in general).

10. Outreach programs for global conservation.

11. Research in mineral resources

12. Maximum output using minimum inputs and resources

All these will be achieved through the application of various strategic plans namely.

Clubs seminars, exhibitions, trade fairs, publications, tours/ field visits, intellectual talks/

brainstorming sessions, demonstrations.


With the acquired resources the centre will put up avenues for various demonstration

research and public lectures.

These will be in accordance with the natural biodiversity feature and resources in the

locality of existence or potentiality.

Video shows, slide shows, magazines as well as TV and radio talk shows will be priority

media for dissemination information.

A website will be designed for reference purposes and consultants as in extension

workers will be put in place for specified projects.


For quality assurance, experts and exporters will be hire to facilitate in seminars

pertinent to specified fields.

Further, information from magazines, the web and other reliable sources will gathered

and compiled in form of newsletters or journals as well as text books will be accessible

to in the centre to enable the community and student get reliable and accurate

information about nature conservation.

The community as well as the various stakeholders will be allowed access to more

information via Radio and TV talk shows.

Extension works who will be referred to as community liaison offices will carry out

duties of sensitization and mobilization to ensure continuity as in smooth running of the

organization activities.

Limitations to membership is the “sky” a sin there is no limit so long as the various bio-

diverse resources are being discovers each time and again.

For instance, wherever new and unharnessed resources are discovered in differing

locative, the projects relevant will establish consultancy branches.

The centre will also liaise with Makerere University Biological Field Station, Kabale

National Park as well as nature conservation organizations in western Uganda as East

Africa as a whole to ensure co-ordination and productive education on conservation of


In the area of sustainability, tress seedling sales, fuel efficient store construction,

certificate a warding workshops/ course will be offered in addition to membership

and subscription fees.

Further, donations and grants from the governmental and non-governmental

organization who are focused on nature conservation will be part of the fund sources

for the centre.

Reports on the progress of the various projects will be quarterly submitted to and

discussed by the executive and board directors.

Supply of free and subsidized price breeds of fish, trees, and seeds.


Te education centre hill have its headquarters in Kiko town council, Kabarole district

Kibale conservation area (KCA).

Our branches will be established in various localities where spectacular natural

resources and features worth conserving may be found.

This proposed is submitted in response to the dire need from the concern to conserve

and harness the environmental biodiversity in Western Uganda and the whole of East

Africa in a bid to prevent degradation of natures bio diversity.


Issue Areas Include

  • Environment & Sustainability


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