Peace Worldwide

About Us


PWW is a slogan of PEACE in the World filled with chaos due to unsure circumstances in every aspect of life. PWW was organized in 1996, by experienced and God-fearing people, who heard the cry of millions of parents desperate to secure the future of their children but, are helpless. PWW took the burden to help those helpless parents morally, socially and economically.

ANNOUNCEMENT We are pleased to announce that we have successfully initiated this ministry by the Grace of God and are planning to expand it with the help of our friends and agencies all over the world, since our only financial source depends upon trust in Lord Almighty and his God-fearing people upon whom God has placed a burden for the poor EDUCATION We provide all necessary assistance to helpless and needy children. I.E: Help to get admission into schools and colleges including assisting with monthly fees, uniforms, textbooks & stationery, pick up and drop off at the facility for the student, and family counseling for spiritual growth including SOS requirements. At present we are supporting 153 students in ten different schools in Rawalpind, Islamabad and Wah Cantt.

Contingency Support & Women Development We provide moral and economic support to the affected people at the time of the incident and in the follow-up.

In our women's development program we assist widows, divorcees and wives of drug addicts and unemployed men socially, economically and morally, arranging their training in various institutes including adult literacy centers since the majority of these women are illiterate.

Our Schooling System

1. Peace Worldwide school / College H. No. 291, St. 80, G-11/2, Islamabad,

2. Peace Worldwide school Village Roopwal, Distt. Chakwal.

3. Peace Worldwide school Village Kot Choudrian, Distt. Chakwal.

4. Peace Worldwide school Village Ranjah, Distt. Chakwal.

5. Peace Worldwide school Noorpura, Mianwali

6. Peace Worldwide school Naqsh Bandi Colony Multan

7. Peace Worldwide school Industrial Area, Hattar.

8. Peace Vocational Center Village Roopwal Distt. Chakwal.

9. Peace Vocational Center Kot Choudrian, Distt. Chakwal.

10. Peace Vocational Center Village Ranjah Distt. Chakwal

11. Peace Vocational Center Dokhe Mochian Distt. Attock

12. Peace Vocational Center Engineering University Taxla

All these schools, colleges and vocational centers are running with the help of local people and with the cooperation of volunteer graduates and technical staff. Different people sponsor many children to provide them books, uniforms, monthly fees and provide buildings for schools and vocational centers. Inspite of our entire efforts we are now in severe crisis to run all these schools, colleges and vocational centers, an immediate financial help is required.

New Christian Human Rights In Islamabad. We fell pleasure to announce that Peace Worldwide open a New Branch office H # 337 F - 8/1 in Islamabad. we are vry thankful for International Christian Human rights of Tronto Canada.