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About Us

Marquis Studios is an arts-education non-profit founded in 1977, which currently serves students in all five boroughs, regardless of income or ability. We have a staff of a dozen administrators managing a roster of more than 90 Teaching Artists, specializing in multi-disciplinary residencies ranging from Architecture to Circus Arts. We seek to foster a greater partnership between artists and classroom teachers by providing arts programming as a supplement to traditional classroom teaching techniques. All of our programs stress teacher/artist partnerships and the development of higher-order thinking skills (self-evaluation, application of learned skills, and critical thinking).

Marquis Studios has served over 460,000 students, 26,000 teachers and 15,000 parents in over 170 public schools throughout New York City. Approximately 80% of our programs serve young people living at or below the federal poverty line and as the Kennedy Center VSA NY Affiliate organization more than 50% of all grant-funded programming is delivered in classrooms serving students with disabilities. Marquis Studios directly serves 36,000 children each year!