About Us

UGANDA RURAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT FOUNDATION recognizes the need to help destitute street children, educate the girl child, child headed families, abused children, conflicted communities, children and families affected by HIV/AIDS, fight object poverty in rural communities, internally displaced persons, refugees, disabled children and needy women, and advocate for peace and human rights of the marginalized in Uganda.

BEARING IN MIND the geographical, historical, economic, social and political situation this country has gone through for the recent past period, AND AIMING at reintegrating needy children into normal life in our society by empowering them both with education and practical skills, AND conscious of the need to advocate for their rights under the said empowerment in integration by involving all the key players and also taking advantage of the Government’s initiative to address the plight of the children and the marginalized communities.

Our Vision

In order to achieve our objectives, we will work with both the youth and the elders, the community institutions, international organizations, the local authorities and government to:-

(i) Provide shelter, education and re-settlement of the needy children in general- but especially those affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

(ii) To sensitize the general public on the issues relating to children’s rights with view of creating awareness

(iii) Will strive to improve the quality of life of children within the context of family, community and culture. click to continue