Asset Owners Disclosure Project

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About Us

The AODP is an independent global not-for-profit organisation that recognises the specific financial risk attributes of climate change. Whilst strongly challenging the industry it rates, AODP’s ultimate goal is to make asset owners more accountable to the long-term interests of their members and beneficiaries and support them to become leaders in climate risk mitigation.

We want to change the short term investment behaviour of the world’s largest insurance companies, pension, sovereign wealth and mutual funds.  We want to drive them to manage the long-term risks of climate change through active engagement with fossil fuel and other high carbon companies and redirect their vast capital towards lower carbon investments.

The AODP has proven that pressure to disclose encourages change in the behaviour of large investors who know that many of their practices are too short term. We drive accountability by challenging reputations through rating the funds, outing hypocrisy but ultimately being collaborative.  Leaders are encouraged to go further, average asset owners are driven to become leaders and life is made uncomfortable for laggards and disinterested funds who do not wish to embrace the inevitable transition to a low-carbon economy.