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About Us

Our Mission

Change Food aggregates, amplifies and advances the best of the food movement.

Our Work

Change Food aggregates the best of the best already working toward healthy food change, amplifies their voices through events and programs, and advances the work and the goal of the food movement – to provide healthy, safe, delicious, fair food for ALL.

Change Food creates programs, events and resources for people changing the food system from the ground up. We believe lasting change only happens from within a community, so we look for people and programs not getting enough attention and give them a bigger platform and larger microphone. We then offer videos and resources created from our programs and events so anyone anywhere at anytime can put on their own event to raise awareness, educate, and solve problems locally.

We must expand the food movement beyond the small demographic it currently serves and build a healthy food system for – and created by – all. We must also work to create connections between different sectors of food and farming, making sure everyone, including farmers, have a seat at the table.

How We Do It

Change Food currently has the following programs:


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Latest Listings

Change Food Associate (volunteer) (Volunteer Opportunity)

Change Food Associate (volunteer) (Volunteer Opportunity)