Tianjin United Education Assistance Foundation

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About Us

We are Tianjin United Education Assistance Foundation (TUEAF), a non-governmental, charitable organization in Tianjin, China. Founded in 2005 by a group of passionate individuals, TUEAF is dedicated to improving rural education in China. During the past 10 years, TUEAF provided funding to over 400 rural schools across the country to improve school conditions. More than 150,000 students and teachers at rural schools benefited. TUEAF has developed long-term relationships with local and international corporations, grantmaking organizations, universities, and other nonprofit organizations. Over 5,000 people have volunteered with us.

Visit our website http://www.tj.xinhuanet.com/web/ueafc/ to learn more about us. The website is in Chinese only, but you can see pictures from our past events and volunteer activities even if you cannot read Chinese.