Psychologists for an Ethical APA

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About Us

We are a political action committee dedicated to informing psychologists and the public about the role of licensed psychologists and the American Psychological Association in designing and executing extreme interrogation practices at U.S. military and intelligence prisons. We have three active campaigns: (1) We have initiated the first referundum in APA history to ban psychologists from working in prison settings that are in violation of the Geneva Conventions, or other international laws. (2) We are supporting Dr. Steven Reisner in his bid for APA President. Dr. Reisner is the leading candidate in the upcoming October election, having received the most nominating votes of the five candidates. (3) New York State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried has proposed unprecedented state legislation to restrict health and medical professionals from working in abusive interrogation settings. We support his bill and are participating in the legislative process.

Our cause is critically important. Psychologists' work must not be used to deliberately harm another person, period. We are looking for volunteesrs to help with our campaigns.