Wetlands Activism Collective

  • NY

About Us

Recognizing the common roots of all forms of oppression, Wetlands Activism Collective fights for human, animal, and earth liberation through protest, nonviolent civil disobedience, street theater, political advocacy, and public education. We always welcome people of conscience to join us as volunteers or interns.

We use creative street actions for:

 Ecological Defense: Fighting the destruction by promoting alternatives to the use and sale of unsustainably harvested forest products by large corporations.

Animal Liberation: Fighting for the recognition of animal rights and against the exploitative use of animals for fur, food, research, education, entertainment, the destruction of animals as pests, and other forms of exploitation.

Human Rights: Fighting sweatshop labor, advocating for the rights of indigenous people, supporting political prisoners.

Global Justice: Opposing free trade agreements that compromise protections for workers, students, women, users of public services, farmers, nonhuman animals and the earth in the interests of multinational corporations.

Overconsumption/Anti-consumerism: Exposing the exploitative nature of capitalist industrial mass production. Challenging the waste of our throwaway culture. Challenging shopping addiction and manipulative marketing.