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About Us

MigrantHealth:IL (MH:IL) coordinates and implements practical community-based healthcare solutions for marginalized communities in Israel. MH:IL creates a comprehensive network for collaboration between community-based organizations, hospitals and governmental bodies working to address the health needs of the migrant communities in Israel. It focuses on increasing patient awareness of available resources and improving health literacy, overcoming language and cultural barriers, coordinating care between providers, ensuring follow-up, and reducing the overwhelming demand on local hospitals and clinics.

MigrantHealth:IL has become an umbrella organization for harnessing low cost and effective innovation to improve the health of the migrant community in Israel. The operating model is to prove the efficacy of each intervention and then hand it over to the relevant bodies to make it sustainable.

MH:IL is providing tools and strategies to capacitate the existent community-based organizations and to promote passive and active collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

The package of tools and systems developed by MH:IL will provide other nations with the ability to rapidly implement a similar healthcare system as an interim solution for a large cohort of underinsured minority groups residing in a developed nation. The developments from MigrantHealth:IL will not only vastly improve the health status of the migrant communities in Israel but also offer a low-cost solution for other developed nations grappling with the shifting paradigm of global migration.