Center for Restorative Youth Justice

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About Us

MISSION: The Center for Restorative Youth Justice (CRYJ) is a private non-profit who works in partnership with the community to create meaningful accountability processes and restorative community connections as an alternative to the traditional juvenile justice system.

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE APPROACH CRYJ’s programs are founded on the restorative justice approach, where:

  • Justice resources are focused on determining who was harmed (vs. what law was broken), who is responsible (vs. placing blame), and what steps are needed to repair the harm (vs. inflicting punishment).
  • The strategies of justice are aimed at “reweaving the fabric” of the relationships (community, family, peers) in ways that prevent further harm and increase community safety.

Restorative Justice programs can foster dialogue between offenders and victims, show the highest rates of victim satisfaction, true accountability by the offender, and reduced recidivism.