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unit 7 42 Braganza street
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United Kingdom

About Us

The Latin American Disabled People’s Project was founded in 1990 by and for disabled Spanish and Portuguese speaking people living in London.

It is: A London-wide project. A registered, user-led charity. A unique project in its nature in the UK.

The project serves disabled Spanish and Portuguese speaking people from Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Most of them: Are asylum seekers or refugees. Live in households in receipt of means-tested benefits. Have not acquired basic knowledge of the English language.

They have either a: Physical disability. Learning impairment. Mental health problem. Sensory disability. Chronic illness. Terminal illness.

LADPP ensures that the linked needs arising from disability and culture remain at the centre of its work.

Almost all of LADPP’s funding has come from charitable grant-giving trusts and through imaginative fundraising.

On a further positive note opportunities are expected to continue to present themselves. Progress in fundraising has occurred and stabilizing the management structure of the project has been beneficial.

The reputation of the project continues to advance and the outcomes and successes that have occurred bode well for the future. To improve the quality of life and independence of disabled Spanish and Portuguese speaking people living in London through information, training, advice, advocacy, social and cultural events, and volunteering opportunities.

The services we provide are based on equal opportunities, confidentiality, empathy and a non-judgmental approach towards our users.

Improve the quality of life of disabled Spanish and Portuguese speaking people living in London, their families and their guardians.

Provide them with a forum where they can share their experiences and build self-help links.

Improve their self-confidence facilitating their integration into society.

Break isolation through a wide range of social and cultural events and training.

The services cover the spectrum from crisis to successful independent living. The project recognises the hierarchy of needs that confront members and those resources should be directed towards basic provision before higher level needs can be addressed.

LADPP provides the following services:

Advice and casework Representations and interpreting Referrals Training Social and cultural events Volunteering

We offer our users the opportunity to volunteer in the different areas of our service and we provide training and supervision in these areas: advice, interpreting, events, office work and special projects.

We carry out a Volunteer Programme with a Volunteer Policy to define good practice on volunteering for use throughout the organisation.

We have a committed team of between twenty and twenty-five volunteers, who provide assistance throughout the organisation, in areas including office work, accounting, advice, interpreting and translating, organising activities and IT support.

Our volunteers come from within and outside the organisation. Many of our users, their families and friends have good practical skills and qualifications and welcome the opportunity to use them to help their own community.

We are also keen to accept student placements.

Services are provided in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The service is free.