Mosholu Montefiore Community Center

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3450 Dekalb Avenue
United States

About Us

MMCC is a vital community resources that changes the course of lives of Bronx residents to a degree not otherwise possible.  Each year, we serve more than 35,000 preschoolers, school age children, teens, adults and senior citizens through 50 free and affordable support, enrichment, education and recreation programs that expand their opportunities to live full, productive lives.

MMCC's commited and well-trained staff consistently steps forward to guide and nurture individuals of all ages - often on an individual basis and frequently when people have no other place to turn. Our daycare, Universal Pre-Kindergarten and Head Start parograms help pre-school aged children blossom socially and emotionally and achieve successful life and academic milestones.

School-age children develop academically, personally and socially in our after school programs, Saturday classes and Boys & Girls Clubs.  They can also experience amazing new adventures at MMCC's highly regarded summer camp.

We guide teens and help them discover their own best paths for successful transitions to adulthood.  At our teen center, they can explore new interests, develop proficiences and plan for the future through diverse educational and recreational programs.

Senior citizens engage with the community, forge social connections and maintain their vitality by having access to broad services and participating in a full calendar of activities at our senior center.

MMCC expands life's possibilities for individuals, strengthens famiies and reshapes the neighborhoods we serve.  Together, with donor support and MMCC's help, the Bronx will continue to evolve as a dynamic, vibrant and safe community.