Bondo Community Development Network

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About Us

Bondo Community Development Network is a network of young Kenyans tracing their origin from Bondo District. The Network brings together a group of individuals who are committed to poverty eradication and environmental conservation.


Our vision is a community without poverty.

We strongly believe in the ability of the youths from Bondo District to build a community where everyone has enough food on the table and enough resources to enjoy a better life than the current prevailing situation.

The youth in Bondo District contributes about 20.4% of the total population which is approximately 238,780. With few youth income generating activities, the youth population here engages in income generating activities which are unfriendly to the environment.

As a youth network, Bondo Community Development Network is dedicated to work with the youths to utilize the available natural resources to create positive youth income generating activities and innovate modern livelihoods as well. We are fully aware of unexploited resources that the District presents to the youths hence it is our duty to exploit these resources for the benefit of the entire Bondo population.


The mission of Bondo Community Development Network is to address the structural causes of poverty through economical empowerment of the youth, creating wealth from the environment, education, enhancing local and international philanthropy by designing volunteer projects and inspiring others to support its eradication in Bondo District.


BCDN concentrates on the following objectives that will see the development of youths in Bondo District:

  • To enhance youth participation in various issues affecting the District
  • To contribute towards poverty eradication and environmental conservation
  • To enhance youth and children capacity building