Mission Hill Youth Collaborative

  • MA


United States

About Us

Mission Hill Youth Collaborative (MHYC) was founded in 1999 by youth workers as a way to improve the services for young people. We work towards building networks and stronger collaboration among youth programs to provide the best possible supports for youth, a professional association for youth workers and, ultimately, better services for inner-city and at-risk youth. We are an innovative grassroots organization with the potential to serve as a model to improve the future of youth work in Boston's diverse neighborhoods.

Together, we serve over 100 youth workers (ages 6 -21) from more than 20 agencies. Through monthly meetings and collaborative activities such as information-sharing, skill building, problem-solving, leadership development, and issue-oriented advocacy, we aim to be a professional resource for local youth-serving organizations in each neighborhood.

The MHYC is at critical transition stages in its growth developing into a stronger grassroots organization with a greater outreach capacity. As gentrification and institutional growth changes these neighborhoods and tensions increase, a network of youth serving organizations becomes increasingly important.