Millennial Action Project

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About Us

The Millennial Action Project works directly with our nation’s leading young policymakers on both a national and state level to spur bipartisan legislation and innovative policy solutions. As a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit dedicated to activating millennial policymakers, MAP gives our nation’s young leaders the resources and support to create, introduce, and pass legislation and forge productive partnerships on the issues affecting the youngest generation of Americans. Working in concert with lawmakers, MAP has advanced legislation on issues including entrepreneurship, technology, 21st century skills training, veterans' employment, immigration, volunteerism, and more – including the introduction of the first bipartisan legislation on ridesharing and social impact bonds.

MAP and its work have been featured in: CNNMSNBCFox NewsNBC NewsNBC’s Meet The Press, the New York TimesNPR, the Wall Street JournalUSA Today and more. 

In 2013, MAP organized the nonpartisan Congressional Future Caucus with the millennial members of Congress to forge pragmatic cooperation on future-oriented challenges. The Congressional Future Caucus is America’s first and only bipartisan caucus for young members of Congress. The Future Caucus movement has spread into numerous state legislatures through the creation of the State Future Caucus  Network,consisting of young, high-potential state legislators. The national Advisory Board includes Senator Bill Bradley, Senator Olympia Snowe, Governor Jennifer Granholm, Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr., Congressman Chris Gibson, Ambassador Donald Gips, Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton, and former U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra.

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