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About Us

Vipani reaches and enables the poorest of the poor in rual areas to lift themselves out of poverty. Vipani provides the four ingridients of prosperity. Unlike microcredit efforts, we provide capital to everyone, access to markets, technical support and knowledge. Unlike handing out food, we enable the poor to farm, providing them not only with food to feed themselves but also with the means of farming profitable. Unlike supporting single entrepreneurs, we aim to reach many and create entrepreneurs not only small-scale farmers, but also crop doctors who service the farmers, suppliers who provide input, and only local staff members who manage and carry out Vipani's mission through our learning-by-doing approach that values trust, responsibility, and human dignity. As of now, we work in Kenya reaching at least 300 families and over 1600 children. We want to reach more. When is now. Be part of it, be the change. Help us to help. $45 per month is the total cost per family to farm. After 2 months of hard labour, if all goes well, he/she will make a net profit of around $100 (at 250kg delivery of beans).

Between dream and reality, Vipani brings hope, opportunites, and the access to a market making all this possible. We have started a roll-out phase for 2009 (Jan-to-April) in which 100% of all donations go directly to Kenya.