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About Us

<blockquote>The Media Mobilizing Project works with poor and working communities across Philly and nationwide, telling stories that end poverty. </blockquote><blockquote>Media Mobilizing Project works with movements to communicate and organize to win. We amplify the voices of communities fighting for justice, equity and human rights. Through media production, training and advocacy, we build relationships of solidarity and mutual support. As partners and collaborators, we work with people at the grassroots to take up strategic organizing campaigns that fill gaps, shift power relations, and have the potential to activate large-scale social movements.</blockquote><blockquote>Since early 2014, MMP has led powerful campaigns at the intersection of racial justice, poverty, and technology - forcing Comcast to massively expand discount internet to public institutions, schools, and poor people across their hometown, and leading a national campaign around algorithmic accountability in criminal justice decision making. We've led projects to build parents' leadership in their public schools, and sponsored or incubated movements to end cash bail, to return local control to Philly's schools, and myriad other projects.</blockquote><blockquote>In these challenging times, thousands of Philadelphians have risen up for the first time - and are looking to fight to protect all of our neighbors from crisis. In order to reap the rewards of our groundbreaking organizing - helping ensure that we are building our people and our networks intentionally and plugging active people, MMP is looking for new organizers to build these people, plug them in to our and others' campaigns, and develop their leadership and commitment for the long haul.</blockquote>