Roshni Association

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About Us

The Roshni Association is a community working for and with people with special needs. The Roshni Village's primary goal is to nurture healthy development while providing a stable environment in calm surroundings. Workshops including textiles, art and woodwork as well as a bakery allow everyone to hone artistic craft and social skills. A firm emphasis on the balance of work both indoors and outdoors, as well as sports, arts, and cultural activities provide a fulfilling mixture for students and volunteers alike.

The Green Earth Roshni School is the second big pillar of Roshni Association apart from the Roshni Village for Special Persons. Our school now hosts around 170 students and offers co-education from Kindergarten to grade 8. At our school, special emphasis is laid on the children‘s environment and the interaction between the students and nature. Through farming and gardening on special occasions, our students gain a deeper understanding of nature while being physically active and learning how to support oneself in the future. This process supports the physical, emotional and intellectual growth of the children. The work of our school is inspired by Waldorf education.

The Roshni Gardens play an important role in community life. Students as well as volunteers are involved in the maintenance of the gardens. It is the specific method of planting and upkeep however, that makes the gardens at Roshni so inviting. The biodynamic method of gardening uses no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. By substituting these chemicals with compost and other natural fertilizers, the health of both the earth in which the plants grow, as well as the fruits and vegetables that they produce is increased.