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Help project, sub subsidiary of peoples mercy foundation community best organization (CBO), tackles poverty by supplying disadvantaged people with items they need to become self-supporting. Unwanted items are donated to the project by people of good spirit from all over Uganda and elsewhere, cleaned, treated and given free of charge to people in need. Examples of items we accept include used clothes, Blankets, books, cups, plates, school items, bags, towels, food stuffs and all sorts of items.


v We reach out to people of good spirit and request them to donate their unwanted items to the project; in doing this we clearly explain objectives of the project.

v We identify needy people from the community who need help.

v We then either invite them to collect the items or deliver to recipients where in most cases the location is nearby.

In time we’ve been in operation we are surprised by good response from the community almost each person we approach is able to give away an item to us.

How you can help

Ø You can help us by donating your used items to us, in doing this, your unwanted item in a way, puts a smile on a needy person’s face.

Ø You can help us by identifying neediest people from your area where we are unable to reach.

Ø You can help us by talking to a friend near and help us publish our project; when you get some one willing to donate any item; you then reach us out.

Ø You can help us in cash to pay for rent for the office and collection room where we operate from each month, we, at a minimum, use USD 300 or UGX 600,000= for this. The same amount serves as operating fund for the project.

Ø You can help us by sacrificing some money to put your donation on mail to reach us.

Projects under people's mercy foundation

1. Royal Academy Salon (a project which empowers needy children/ youth at a low cost).

2. Help project( a project which donates un wanted items to neediest people).

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Muto Complex Ground floor, Rooms 21 and 26


Help project

P.O.Box 762, Masaka Uganda

Tel: 0784-935487

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