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About Us

The Global Lives Project uses visual media as a platform to reach a global audience to cultivate the ethic of global citizenship and cross-cultural empathy. Global Lives is driven by a volunteer artist collective of over 1,000 filmmakers and translators working to build a video library of human life experience. This library consists of video shoots of 24 continuous hours in the lives of individuals around the world, which are created with the goal of inspiring, educating and empowering audiences.

  • Video production: Global Lives is building an ever-growing, online video library of human life experience by coordinating volunteer filmmakers and translators worldwide, including a new series on transit workers funded by the NEA.
  • Exhibitions: We build immersive video installations and host film screenings at museums, schools, and public spaces from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco to United Nations University in Tokyo.
  • Web: With funding from the NEA, our new website will enable visitors to interact deeply with the content, generating thematic tags, translations, commentaries, and even new video submissions.
  • Education: We provide enriching content and lesson plans to educators addressing themes of globalization and cross-cultural awareness through the lens of new media for grades 2-12.

Over 100,000 viewers from 159 countries have experienced the work of the Global Lives Project at our exhibitions and screenings, on our website,via

DVDs, and in classrooms.