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About Us

About Us

Transformation Alliance is a public-private partnership dedicated to growing a portfolio of high-performing district and charter schools in Cleveland. TA is accountable for all public schools in Cleveland and supports the reinvention of our schools through these four roles.

Ensuring fidelity to the citywide education plan:

  • TA monitors the progress of the plan, brings best national models to Cleveland, supports and starts new homegrown programs, and mediates conflicts among members and other parties.

Assessing the quality of all public schools in Cleveland:

  • TA works with partners to develop a framework for the evaluation of key school measures and closes any public schools not meeting defined standards.

Communicating to parents about quality school choices:

  • TA produces an annual report and aggressively markets school results to support families in making good educational choices.

Serving as watchdog for charter school growth:

  • TA works with the state to close failing charter schools, and approve the opening of new charter schools.


To ensure every child in the city attends an excellent school, and every neighborhood has a multitude of great schools from which families can choose.


Transformation Alliance (TA) is a new 501c3 organization responsible for ensuring the quality of all public schools in Cleveland, and helping families access the highest quality education. Created by House Bill 525 of the Ohio General Assembly, TA derives its mission and scope from Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools, the 2012 blueprint for a comprehensive reinvention of public education in Cleveland. This plan lays out the city’s transition to a portfolio strategy (a new system of district and charter schools held to the highest standard of performance with innovative partnerships to create dramatic student achievement gains for every child).

Board of Directors

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson chairs the Transformation Alliance board of directors, which includes representatives from the Cleveland Municipal School District, partnering community schools, local foundations, and other community and business leaders.


Megan O’Bryan 1240 Huron Road #300 Cleveland, OH 44115 216-912-9600