Families and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children

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About Us

FFLIC is a statewide, membership-based, parent-led organization committed to abolishing the school-to-prison pipeline and reforming the juvenile justice system through: (1) policy advocacy & grassroots organizing; (2) by developing parent leaders empowered to serve as change agents in their communities. FFLIC aims to ensure equal life opportunities for all our children, particularly those most at risk of being criminalized and tracked into the juvenile justice system from schools that fail them. Our mission, as established by the parents and grandparents of such children who founded and continue to lead FFLIC, is to reinvest resources out of punishment and into schools worthy of our children. FFLIC is building a movement led by parents and families to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. We are mobilizing low wealth parents of impacted children transforming them into effective advocates and organizers that can demand the change of policies and practices that are pushing our children out of school and into the prison pipeline. Our work to that end continues to be the implementation of policy-driven campaigns on ending suspensions and expulsions to advocacy case work with individual parents and children.