Children and Young People Living for Peace

  • Kaduna

About Us

Children and Young People Living for Peace aka CYPLP is youth-citizens focused, locally led and not for profit voluntary movement in Nigeria.

We work to be inclusive with the other youths, informal and formal youth groups and through youth groups in local disadvantaged communities: that are prone to violence in Nigeria. We came to defend and protect the rights of the vulnerable, provide water, toilets and hygiene in slums, availing access to justice to poorest poor, through empowerment of young people as active citizens such that they catalyze change through small local actions that brings solutions. And many more.

*Recognizing Agenda 2030 and identifying the power of information technology vis a viz mobile, social media etc, and that, young people are technologically savvy, we shall leverage and is exploring the use of technology greatly and wholly to achieving Sustainable Development Goals in all ramification. 

CYPLP has chosen to target the poorest parts of the society, recognizing that these set are the most vulnerable to violent conflict, abuse and neglect. We work to localize and then translate and interpret what Sustainable Development Goals are to the rural poor and try to connect them to it by simplifying, stepping down the message and at the same time spreading its benefits at grassroot level in local communities through local and sustainable approaches to development.

CYPLP trains and develop school teachers, coaches, caregivers, youth workers etc in the area of Peace and Conflict Resolution, Human Rights, Health and Education, Agriculture and Climate Change, among others and has done localized developmental programs that have direct bearing to the lives of everyday target group. 

We work through schools, orphanages and slums in hard to reach places with a core intent to create peace of mind to vulnerable children, young people, youths and women at large.

Our strength is in grass-root mobilization, aimed at addressing small problems before they turn into bigger ones. We exist to stand in the gap as voice to the voiceless, with great passion to render service above self at all times.

That together we can touch lives, and change lives of millions young vulnerable people with just little things we can do.

Our vision is to reach out to children, educating and enlightening them on the culture of dialogue, tolerance, patience and love in their early formative years so that as they grow up they can grow up with it.

Our mission is to present veritable platforms of engagement for youths, by youths in hard to reach local communities in Nigeria.

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