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About Us

For nearly 20 years, NACCHO, the National Association of County and City Health Officials, has brought together the voices of local health departments. In that time, the discourse has surfaced to the national stage that emphasizes the invaluable contributions made by the more than 2,800 local public health departments that NACCHO represents. These contributions are premised on the values of health, equity, and security for all people in every community. At the same time, the conversations are rooted in the knowledge and experience that nimble, flexible, and adaptive health departments are best suited to addressing the needs of the American public. In essence, all public health is local and all innovation is profoundly local.

To better manage the changing landscape of public health in America, NACCHO has created The Foundation for the Public's Health. The Foundation is tasked with mobilizing and securing private resources to ensure that NACCHO, and the more than 2,800 local public health departments it serves, are better able to weather the ebbs and flows of public funding. The Foundation is focused on helping NACCHO to support local health departments in delivering efficient, world-class services. By providing the funding to assist in the delivery of a toolkit of processes (e.g. - adaptive leadership training, financial assessment, policy development and assurance capability, workforce training and capacity building, improvements in delivery systems, emergency mobilization training and response), the Foundation, through NACCHO, will strengthen the proficiencies and deliverables of local health departments. The Foundation will fortify NACCHO's ability to produce and distribute cutting-edge public health programs for the American people. Meanwhile, NACCHO will continue to represent the voices of local public health departments on a national and international stage and will do so from a position of strength and enhanced ability.