End Time Harvest Ministries, Inc.

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4200 57th Avenue
United States

About Us

Since 1996, END TIME HARVEST MINISTRIES, INC. (ETHM) has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of youth and families throughout Prince George's County, Maryland.

ETHM promotes youth involvement in the Port Towns (Bladensburg, Comar Manor, Cottage City and Edmonston) and other county communites by equipping them with educational, social, and economic life skills to impact the health, wellness and wealth of communities. Strengthening families is a primary outcome of ETHM's social and human services.

Our primary goal is to develop and empower youth leaders by:

  • a promoting youth-led health and wellness advocacy issues,
  • a equipping youth with leader- ship and character skills, and
  • a preparing youth for the work- force and college.