Committee for the Advancement of Science through Mobile Field Stations

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About Us

CASMFS was formed in 2014 to reinstate a Mobile Field Station Program in the Black Rock Desert National Conservation Area (2008).

Field Stations throughout the country host university students and researchers who collect invaluable data to manage our natural resources. Additionally Field Stations address the problem of field education being at risk. Educators nationwide are concerned students are not getting into the field and these facilities provide one solution. 

Developing more Field Stations is a financial challenge but the mobile model that has been used is a solution. Much of the equipment could be available from government surplus, so to duplicate this Field Station model is a matter of consolidation and retrofit of this equipment.

The significance of the Mobile Field Station Program is that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) funded the project in 2010 and shared the vision for a possible network of these facilities throughout the West. This would have a positive impact on data collection and help resolve the issue of field education being at risk.                            

Loss of funding in 2013 and high turnover of BLM personnel brought this project to a standstill. To remedy the situation, the station founder and two instructors who have used the Station formed CASMFS.                              

The Committee's initial focus is to build constituency to support the vision of a Mobile Field Station network. Additionally, a formal structure for the Committee is being sought through partnership with an umbrella organization and identification of a qualified chairperson. To reach these objectives a formal letter of introduction and request is being sent to academia, the field station community, non-profits, the private sector, affiliated organizations and individuals.

For Information on the CASMFS chair position refer to job posting.