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Our school is named for the late Coca-Cola CEO Roberto C. Goizueta, a man whose legacy was built on values, principles, and outsized business results. These ideals that drive principled, effective leaders in business are the values we seek to instill in all of our students, both during their education at Goizueta and beyond.

Because the Core Values are so important to the kind of leader we strive to develop, we work to incorporate them into every aspect of the student experience, throughout every course and program. Made up of students from our One-Year and Two-Year Full-Time MBA programs, the Core Values Council works to promote our Core Values throughout every aspect of the Goizueta experience. Beginning with the Core Values Induction Ceremony in the fall, the Core Values Council seeks to promote events that illustrate the Core Values in action. The council works each year to integrate our Core Values into both the admissions process and the curriculum.

In the spring of 2010, the Core Values Council authored a Core Values Statement to articulate the student spirit surrounding the Core Values. "The Goizueta Business School Seven Core Values are more than the heritage of Roberto C. Goizueta; they are the foundation of our intentions and the aspiration of our actions. They are the principles by which we lead. In living these seven core values we will build a school completely distinctive in its ability to add value to our society."


As members of the Goizueta Business School, we accept the responsibility to respect and uphold these seven core values:


We have the courage to drive change in the face of uncertainty and adversity

Courage is the state of being that allows one to act with confidence, resolve and self-possession in the face of uncertainty and risk. One of our most important core values, courage can take many forms, such as leaving one's home country for the unknown challenge of earning an MBA, or the decision to walk away from a good job to chart an entirely new career.


We demand of ourselves and of our community the highest level of unyielding integrity

Integrity is the honest quest for, and application of, one's value system. At Goizueta, we expect all members of our community to act in accordance with their own beliefs and our shared values, even in the face of personal risk or external pressure.


We challenge ourselves and our community to uphold unwavering accountability in all of our intentions and actions

Accountability is the value that encourages our community to honestly assess our strengths and weaknesses, keep our commitments, and acknowledge and learn from our mistakes and successes.


We are steadfast in our academic, professional, and personal commitments in the pursuit of excellence

Rigor instills excellence. At Goizueta, we seek challenges that place us outside our comfort zone. High expectations and goals are the standards that we choose for each other and ourselves.


We welcome and advance diversity of thought, association, and purpose

We deeply value diversity in the backgrounds, strengths, interests, and experiences of our students and faculty. We continually strive to contribute to the business community with perspectives based on a range of ideas and practices, and our success is measured by the inclusion of all voices.


We believe that teamwork and collaboration are essential to success in academics, career, and life

The members of a team support one another, communicate effectively and challenge each other to strive for excellence. The output of a team is greater than the sum of its parts because it unifies strong initiatives and inspires its members to challenge conventional wisdom, ultimately realizing each member's greatest potential.


We treat others with mutual respect and empathy in our pursuit to positively influence, serve, and represent our community

A true community is one that is based on trust, support and mutual respect. The combination of these elements creates an intellectually stimulating atmosphere of healthy competition and risk-taking without judgment. At Goizueta, we believe our intimate size and international flavor enhance our community, and instill values that extend beyond the classroom for the rest of our lives.


Our school is named for the late Coca-Cola CEO Roberto C. Goizueta, a man whose legacy was built on values, principles, and outsized business results. These ideals that drive…

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