Southwest Atlanta Neighboring

  • GA


United States

About Us

SWAN Vision: The youth of SWAN will be positive, respectful (of self and others), secure, proactive, purposeful leaders, who can advocate for causes inside or outside of their community with diligence and dignity as well-spoken, well-educated, broad-minded productive citizens.

SWAN Mission statement: SWAN exists to develop young urban leaders in Southwest Atlanta who are prepared to advocate for their community.

We will attempt to ensure that the youth of Southwest Atlanta receive the tools to become self-confident, respectful, positive, proactive, purposeful people who lead by example in a dignified manner. SWAN will provide exposure to a variety of cultural, recreational, political, and social activities. SWAN will make sure that each youth is equipped with the necessary supplemental educational opportunities to reach the highest academic potential. Each youth will have the opportunity to experience through activities and events, which will allow them to broaden their minds. SWAN will maintain expectations which will allow all youth to reach the full potential of a purposeful, proactive, and a positive lifestyle.