Newark-Essex Pride Coalition

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POB 6205 Vailsburg Station
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About Us

Newark-Essex Pride Coalition (NEPC) is a 501c3 organization working to ensure that the social and cultural needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning (LGBTIQ) constituents in the City of Newark and Essex County are supported.

In 2004, Newark held its first Pride Week Celebration. Although Newark's Pride celebration fell between the other popular pride festivals, such as New Jersey Pride in Asbury Park and DC Black Pride, Newark's LGBTIQ constituents were overjoyed to have a pride celebration in their own backyard.

Newark-Essex Pride Coalition (NEPC) is committed to creating a safer space for the LGBTIQ community; building coalitions and alliances throughout the City of Newark and surrounding areas; educating youth about their history as LGBTIQ people of color, as well as addressing their unique needs; advocating and encouraging cooperation and support from all who value diversity and a collective vision of the City of Newark and Essex County as a safe community for all.