Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center

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United States

About Us

Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center was founded in 1976 by the Sisters of Providence of Holyoke, MA. The Sisters, who own the center, are a community of women with more than 100 years of service in the healing ministries. Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center offers hospitality to persons of all faiths, cultures and lifestyles. Set on 19 wooded acres in Westfield, Massachusetts, the center combines sensitivity to atmosphere, devotion to the land, and carefully designed programs so all who come may experience God's providential care. We believe that when persons of different lifestyles and spiritualities connect, God's creative and healing energies are released. We have special concern for those in the health and helping professions, for artists and craftspersons and for those who feel alienated from church or society. We are committed to designing and hosting programs that foster holistic integration of body, mind and spirit. We believe that each person is a seed of God, meant to grow into the likeness of God, and we strive to make Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center a place where that seed can be nourished and nurtured toward full maturity. Our logo, a tree, reflects the belief that creation is ongoing and that each person always has the possibility of new beginnings in life and prayer.