Jacob's House

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31525 Jedediah Smith Road
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About Us

Jacob’s House is a home of refuge where families and loved ones of those in hospitalized traumatic medical need can find hope, comfort, peace and inspiration. We are a community resource dedicated to serve families in crisis. We do this by providing a shelter for the physical, emotional and spiritual support

Crisis can strike a family at any time, without warning. Suddenly, the only prayer is for God to reach down and save the life of that loved one. It’s the only thing that matters.

But where do families find a place of refuge in the middle of such a traumatic life changing storm? It is the vision of Jacob’s House to be a place of comfort and a place of hope to help families survive and overcome life’s challenges.

While we cannot change the destiny, we can impact the journey. No matter what the outcome, Jacob’s House will be a strong tower for families.

It is our express purpose to build Jacob’s House adjacent to a local hospital in the Temecula Valley Region. Further, we envision that Jacob’s House will cooperatively function to support all local hospitals but will also partner with Hospice of the Valleys to impact even more families in need.

In December, 2012, Jacob’s House acquired a house near the Temecula Valley Hospital. We opened this facility when the hospital opened in Fall 2013.

Jacob’s House is still thinking big, as we eventually plan to build a permanent facility. We anticipate that we will need to raise approximately $9 million for the construction of this 23 guest bedrooms, 35,000 s.f. facility.

If you want to be a part of something that is significant and life changing, then we want to encourage you to get involved with this anointed project. We are confident that Jacob’s House will become a reality in the very near future and with your help; we can accomplish this amazing goal. Remember, the world is changed one life at a time!

Further, we are hopeful that many contractors will provide materials and low costs or donated labor to build this wonderful house.