Platform 51

  • OXF


Clarendon House
52 Cornmarket Street
United Kingdom

About Us

Platform 51 supports girls and women as they take control of their lives. Why Platform 51? Because 51% of people are female, and girls and women use us as a platform to have their say.

Women today face problems that are often subtle or misunderstood. Despite shifts in attitude and changes in the law, women are often unheard, isolated and face discrimination. Many live in poverty, experience abuse or struggle to get the education they need.

Most women we work with lack confidence. Some come to us in crisis, while others just need to be treated like a human being.

Through courses, group activities and counselling we help women to understand what's going on in their lives. This can inspire them to take the first step which might be finding the courage to say no, applying to college or having more confidence as a parent.

We also speak out on behalf of all women in England and Wales. We challenge inequality and discrimination by influencing decision makers and lobbying for changes in the law.

Girls and women are at the heart of all we do. Our activities, services and campaigns are about things they need and want. We give them a platform to have their say and challenge discrimination.