Coalition of Graduate Employees AFT-6069

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About Us

The Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE) is a local, democratic, member-run labor union working to protect and improve our wages, benefits, and working conditions as graduate employees at Oregon State University. CGE is recognized by OSU and the State of Oregon as the exclusive bargaining representative of OSU graduate employees. CGE strives to work with OSU to keep OSU competative in the field of graduate education by recruiting and retaining the best graduate students. CGE collectively represents the specific work needs of individual employees within their departments, as well as the general employment-related interests of all graduate employees in dealing with OSU and the State of Oregon. Our goal is to organize all OSU graduate employees into an effective voice in our own behalf. We are affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and work with graduate employee unions throughout the United States and Canada. From April 25th to when the position is filled, CGE will be hiring a Business Manager. See this listing for more information: